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Accountants Can Catch Errors Accounting Software Cannot

Business accounting becomes much easier when you use accounting software. After all, you save time because you won't have to do everything by hand. Better still, you can reduce your chances of making the errors that often come from carelessness, inattentiveness, and other human failings. However, it's important to remember that accounting software has its limitations. One example is how you can't count on it to catch every error. As a result, it's better to consult an accountant specializing in business accounting if you're concerned about your books' accuracy.

You Want to Minimize Errors

Errors can have catastrophic consequences for your business. For example, you might make bad decisions based on flawed information. Alternatively, you might incur fees and other penalties because you've misreported your taxes to the IRS. Due to these things, you have strong incentives to ensure the accuracy of your books. Moreover, you want to catch whatever errors you make so you can correct them as soon as possible. The longer you let them wait, the harder it will be to find them.

Accounting Software Can't Catch Every Kind of Error

Accounting software is quite good at catching certain kinds of errors. For instance, you'll notice immediately if you enter different amounts for the different sides of your ledger because your debits and credits won't line up. Unfortunately, accounting software can't detect some errors at all. It can't do anything if you forget to enter a transaction. Furthermore, Investopedia points out people can make errors of principle, meaning they've recorded their transactions in a way that violates the basic rules for how things should be accounted for. Accounting software is not sophisticated enough to handle these issues. There would be less need for humans in business accounting if accounting software had already reached this point.

Accountants Can Give a Much-Needed Human Touch

Meanwhile, accountants are much better equipped to go through your books. They know how accounting should be performed. That enables them to examine your books, confirm every detail with your receipts, and correct any issues discovered along the way. The result is a more reliable understanding of your business's financial situation, which is invaluable for internal and external use. 

Accountants Can Make Long-Term Recommendations

Accountants can do more than ensure the accuracy of your books. If you're willing to learn, they can also help you improve the accuracy of your books in future periods. On top of this, they can tell you how to refine your bookkeeping practices so you can work faster while making fewer errors. Ultimately, accountants are the ones who can help you improve your business accounting, thus giving you increased confidence in your numbers.

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financial bookkeeping tips for contractors

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