financial bookkeeping tips for contractors

Should Your Child File Income Tax Forms This Year?

If your kids are growing up and earning their own money, you're probably wondering how this affects both your taxes and theirs. It's a good question, and here's what you need to know. When Is a Child Required to File Taxes? If you're claiming your child as a dependent on your taxes, they may still be required to file their own return. Generally, this is based on how much money they earn. Read More 

Four Reasons To Integrate Accounting Systems Into A CRM

Just as large enterprises are now using data to inform their business decisions, small businesses can leverage data for greater revenue. One of the easiest ways for a business to do this is to integrate its accounting solutions directly into its customer relationship management suite. Accounting and bookkeeping software manage the company's finances, while a CRM program manages their customer history. Together, they provide the business with all the information it needs to grow. Read More 

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financial bookkeeping tips for contractors

As a renovation contractor, I have a lot of things to worry about each day. I have to think about my customers, my business, the insurance I need and even the employees that I have working for me. All of these things keep me busy enough without having to worry about keeping up with my financial bookkeeping each day. How do you keep up with the financial bookkeeping so that you don't make any errors that could cost you a whole lot of money? I have worked with my accountant to develop a process that has helped me and I have shared the tips he has taught me right here on my blog to help you.

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